About Mona Vale Motor Trimming Pty Ltd

As the name implies, Mona Vale Motor Trimming is a business that operates on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, but this does not limit the range of customers that utilize our services.

Having a long background in the Motor Trimming Industry, Owen Wall, 4th generation motor trimmer, is able to offer a vast knowledge and experience in the industry – covering cars, bikes, boats, outdoor furnishings and commercial upholstery.

By expanding the family interests he can now offer a full range of services up and don the entire peninsular.

Our services are only limited by your imagination.

We can also offer a full range of after market trim kits. Including seats, carpets, soft tops, door trims for the DIY or we can arrange fitting if necessary.

Commercial such as couriers, trucks, taxi’s etc are offered a quick same day turn around with prior bookings.

Busy mum and dads are also catered for with headlining’s fitted between drop off and pick up of school children*. Saturdays are also available by appointment.
(*Some models may require a 2 day turn around)

Contact Us:

(02) 9939 7070

42/ 9 Powells Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100

Red car trimming. Sydney Motor Trimmers from Motor Vale Motor Trimming
Red scooter trimming. Sydney Motor Trimmers from Motor Vale Motor Trimming